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$10,000 Prize

$10,000 Prize


Start the year with $10,000 cash

in YOUR pocket!!

Drawing will be held on January 8th, 2014

First Prize: $10,000!!

Second Prize: Framed Bible Series Chagall Lithograph

Third Prize: Hardcover Gutnick Edition Chumash - All in One Edition
and Tehillim (Book of Psalms) The Schottenstein Edition by R Chaim Miller


Special Discount Packages if purchased by Wednesday, January 1st

Ticket Pricing:

By Tuesday, Jan 1st! After Jan 1st

$36   = 1 ticket

$36  = 1 ticket

$99   = 5 tickets (2 free!)

$99  = 4 tickets (1 free!)

$180 = 10 tickets (5 free!) $180 = 8 tickets (3 free!)
$360 = 20 tickets (10 free!) $360 = 15 tickets (5 free!)

 Get your tickets today! 


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Kosher Restaurants

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